Monday, January 2, 2012

Breaking It Down: Genealogy Goals for January

I decided to break down my goals even further.
So each month on Motivation Monday (the first Monday of the Month) I will post what I hope to accomplish that month. Each Friday (on Follow up Friday) I will post how I am coming along.

So here goes: These are my goals for the month of January 2012

A lot of things need to happen in January since I will be attending the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG) immediately followed by RootsTech in February.
But attending those two events accomplishes part of my educational goals for the year.

1. Before I attend those conferences I need to get my business cards made up with my new business name.
2. I need to prepare my "homework" for SLIG (Tom Jones class. We haven't even got there and we have homework)
3. Gather together what I will need to do research in the Family History Library (I have about 4 days available to do research there between SLIG and RootsTech)
4. Make a list of things I want to learn during RootsTech
5. I have a deadline of Jan 8 to submit my class handouts for the two lectures I will be giving in Redding on Feb 25.
6. Write six blogs for January (I have set six blogs per month as my overall goal and I feel that is very doable. Six blogs per month equals 72 blogs and I posted 77 last year)
7. I will be attending a Webinar by Thomas McEntee and two Webinars put on by Legacy in January
8. I will be attending SLIG (both 7 & 8 go towards my educational goals for the year)
9. I plan on getting three classes done on the NGS Home Study Course in January
10. I have set a goal of finishing two classes from National Institute for Genealogical Studies (
11. The organization of my genealogy files (already in progress)
12. To check on my various genealogy memberships (societies, NGS, APG, Speakers Guild, etc) and be sure they are all up to date
13. Transcribe the Succession papers for my certification work
14. Review my Rhoades family genealogy and see if there is something in that research I can use for my certification
15. Send for two different succession records for Landry and Romero (for use in Kinship part of my certification work)
16. Order three films for review in Feb. from my Family History Center

Well, that's it for now. I think. It seems like a lot, but some of them are just short little things like ordering films so I think I can manage it. Check in with me on Fridays and see how I'm doing. Oh, and check in at the blog Corn and Cotton to see how other's are doing with their goals. See you on Friday.


  1. These are great goals! What two classes are you wanting to complete through NIGS? I'm taking several right now. Now to actually work on them... lol Have a wonderful day!

  2. Oh my gosh, your list makes mine look like nothing! Best wishes for success!

  3. You go, girl! Sounds like you'll knock out a bunch of your yearly goals right off the bat in January. But don't forget to relax and enjoy yourself, too :)