Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A wonderful time was had by all

Dinner was fabulous.  I ate so much I may pop.  All I have to say is Crème Brule, Cheesecake, Chocolate Mint Cake, Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate, Flan, Éclairs….

Oh, yes, there was some flank steak, pork, chicken and vegetables too….

But the real main course was the wonderful conversations going on all around me.  Dear Myrtle was there, and sitting next to her was Drew Smith.  I feel as though I was rubbing elbows with royalty.  We talked about and their accusation of…they chided me for just finding out…I’m sure they think I live in a cave. 

As a new blogger I was welcomed and made to feel right at home.  A couple of people asked the name of my blog and I proudly told them “Le Maison Duchamp.”

Perhaps I should explain to you why I named it that.  At first glance it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with genealogy.  But it’s French for “The House of Duchamp” and Duchamp is the name of one of my favorite ancestors.  Her full name was Marie Louise Josephine Sophie Merope Martin De La Martiniere, married name Duchamp.  She married Jean Baptiste Eugene Duchamp De Chastaigne. 

Marie Louise and Eugene had a large plantation in St. Martin Parish, Louisiana and a town house, (literally a house in town) a modest little three story mansion with a ball room on the main floor.  This house is on the historical registrar and called La Maison Duchamp.  My blog uses Le instead of La to differentiate it from the house itself.  (I hope the French speakers amongst you forgive me.)

La Maison Duchamp
Tomorrow bright and early starts my initiation into this big wonderful world of genealogy technology.  Not sure what Marie Louise would make of it.  But I hope she would approve of me naming my blog after her wonderful home.