Thursday, March 1, 2012

Grandma Theaux's Letter - Page Five

I published Grandma Theaux's letter (page 5) but did not transcribe it, and since part of the reason for me publishing her letter is to practice transcribing I  am posting it again, with the transcription. Hope you enjoy what she has to say.
The following is the continuing saga of the transcription of the letter my Grandmother Flavie Theaux wrote to my cousin Peggy. 

"Feb 1-76  1
I wrote this note in my book
many years ago. My boy came
homw he could not keep a job.
So I prayed
       This is what I wrote on my little  [scratched out] black book.
God, please find him a good
place where he is wonted needed
happy and satisfide grant him
the grace to be able to do for him
self what other can not do.
To day I had lots of cretivum fuss
about a big boy r on me he should
be at work. I know he could not
work. So I kept him paid a 
little insurance he had taken
and for him all his need he
w is satisfide and happy to
stay with us But best of
all I am now 80 Papa 83 and
we could not do with out
him. And he take good care
of us bothe. he is not a 
house keeper and not much
of a cook he make us comfortable
Bath chand [and] cover me in
bed. No rest room has that 
care you can not buy that
kind of care. I have had no money
to pay him. But in Jan
his insurance came over 1000