Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sacramento Genealogical Society - Root Cellar

About a year ago I joined one of the local genealogical societies in my area. We are very lucky to have two superb genealogical groups here in the Sacramento, California area.

I joined Root Cellar (that's the name they go by, their "common name") they are officially The Sacramento Genealogical Society. It is probably the more active of the two groups and might be the larger. This group meets in the evenings which might have a bearing on that.

The other group is affectionately called GAS. They are properly known as The Genealogical Association of Sacramento. They meet in the afternoons and are struggling at the moment.

As I said I joined Root Cellar about a year ago and this year decided to get more involved so I ran for one of the offices. I'll let you know how that turns out. I don't believe in belonging to a group and not getting involved. You have to give back.

This June I will join GAS. I feel that both groups serve a purpose and have a lot to give. They meet the needs of different groups. By meeting in the afternoons, GAS allows those who are available at that time and perhaps don't like to drive at night or are early to bed types to get their genealogy fix. While Root Cellar allows those who work during the day to meet and mingle with their genealogy pals after work.

If you are interested in genealogy, and I'm guessing you are if you read this blog, then "get ye to a genealogy society." You'll find great people, and interesting lectures, fabulous tips and more of the wonderful world of genealogy.