Sunday, October 16, 2011

Speaking at the Family History Center Nov 2

Well, I am becoming a "seasoned pro" quickly. I will be giving my fourth lecture on November 2nd. at the Family History Center in Sacramento. At 2:00 pm. I will be speaking on Railroad Records and how they can help in the tracing of your genealogy.

Last week I did two lectures in one (so two hours) on beginning genealogy (at the Yuba County Library) I combined a level one beginning genealogy class for those who have never done genealogy, and a little more advanced class with workshop. And just like any "seasoned Pro" I already have a war story. My PowerPoint Projector didn't work...I had to do both hours with no visual aids. I must have done alright, though, because they have already asked me back for next year and they want me to teach a whole day...3 or 4 classes. (can you see me doing my happy dance.)

I gave my first presentation at my local Family History Center on May 25. The subject was "Where else do I look." I came up with that subject because I kept having patrons come into the center and tell me that they couldn't find their grandmother's birth record/their grandfather's death record/naturalization record/military record... _____________ fill in the blank. I would ask them where they had looked and invariably they would tell me "all over the internet." I would ask them if they had written to the county their ancestor had lived in and they would give me that blank know the one.

So I decided to give a class telling everyone where else they should look. Hence the name of the class.

That class got me a job that will be coming up this winter with one of our local genealogy societies.

The Yuba County Library job may have netted me a job in Placerville...maybe...keep your fingers crossed.

I am also scheduled to teach two classes at the all day seminar in Sacramento at the Family History Center on November 5. And in February I will be teaching a couple of classes in Redding.

So I am tooting my own horn and telling the world, I LOVE GIVING PRESENTATIONS. I even love the planning of them. So have computer will travel...if you know of anyone who might be looking for a lecturer...I'm their gal.