Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Grandma Theaux's Letter - Page Three

This is the continuation of the transcription of my Grandmother Theaux's letter "to the younger generation." As you can see she wrote her letter(s) to my cousin Peggy on any available paper. This piece of paper was from an address book. Sometimes the letter(s) was written on the back of a grocery list or on an envelope.
For page one of this letter go here, and for page two go here
Here is page three. I know my family is enjoying reading these letters, I hope you do too. 


was it, we could not see are [or] con-
tack [sic] in any way. Only when 
my Dad was out of town, but 
belive [sic] me if he left town we 
would meet. Now one thing did 
happen one time I thought dad 
was out of town so I did contack [sic
my boy friend and as he was 
taking me home I saw the old 
man home, belive me I started 
praying. I prayed in french and 
the hail Marry I said upside 
down when I got to holy merry 
mother of god. In french I said 
st. Marrie Marde de Dei  
and belive it or not but I got home 
and he did not say a word. I did 
not get my [word striked out] beating. 
I had that faith in my B mother 
and from then he was my 
boy friend untill we married 
I never had a boy fri sweet 
heart But him. And I can 
vouch the same for him. 
I knew he loved me and he 
knew the same of me. Yes 
I had boy friend real friend 
some that would [conect?] me 
and my sweet heart when ever 
we could be together. That is what 
you call friend, they never tried 
to go out of [struck out word] line. Now they 
were just comond [sic] every day boy

To be continued.