Thursday, March 22, 2012

Grandma Theaux's Letter, Page Six

Feb _ 1976   2
and his disable back pay?
All in in all he will have
over $4000. In the L.B.A. on
7 year compound interest he get
what he got befor and get a 
monthly check. $1.76 per month.
Live and have faith
God never forget a good deed
That is why I am so happy
in my old days. I always
enjoyed helping and my good
old man he wanted to help
but was always afraid to
be involve, me I dont coud not care
less, I can just sit and laugh
at myself to see all the silly
things I did.
I did not dare put my husband
on to my tricks befor I could
do my act but after it was
done there was nothing
I c He could do, but help me
get out of the mess.
Thank you old man.
Now one of my act I am still
proude of. I visited a plase
on time the lady had 8
children, I did not have
money to help but where there
is a way will there is a will way
I put an add on the paper for
that lady with 8 children
I gave some of my friend phon #