Saturday, January 21, 2012

Follow Up Friday - A Day Late and A Dollar Short

My mother always told me I ran, "A day late and a dollar short." I guess that's true. I'll probably be late to my own funeral. So the fact that I am a day late with this blog is not surprising. At least not to those who know me well.

So in a nutshell, here is how I did this week with my goals:
The update is:
Biz Cards and Website/Blog changes. Didn't happen. I am so disappointed. My printer did not deliver my cards to me before I left and did not return my calls. (When he is your brother-in-law what do you do?)
So I won't have my cards (or the art work for the site) till I get back in Feb. So the completion of this goal is put on hold.

I viewed/read and re-read the notes/homework for the class at SLIG (Advanced Methodology with Dr. Thomas Jones) My head is swimming.

I viewed/attended Marian Pierre-Louis webinar (presented by Legacy) on Massachusetts Ancestors. It was so good that I ordered the CD/DVD so I could hear it a second time.

I sent for two succession records for my Landry/Theaux line.

I ordered my films to be viewed when I get back.

Tomorrow I have a quiet day with nothing on the schedule except the welcome meeting for SLIG. So tomorrow I will work all day on my NGS Home Study class and my National Institute for Genealogical Studies classes.

Time to "fess up"
I didn't get the Organization of my genealogy files done. (or clean the should see disaster.)
I didn't get the Rhodes line "revisited" this will just have to go on the list for Feb.

All in all not bad for a "short" month. I only had 20 days in January. The rest of the month I am at conferences in Salt Lake City. While I am here I hope to get some of my classes done so the fat lady hasn't sung yet.

To all my goal buddies out there, see you next week.

New To RootsTech? Conference Newbie? Join Me

Hi, are you going to Roots Tech for the first time? Never been to the Family History Library? If you want to have a ready made friend waiting for you at RootsTech or want someone to show you around the Library. Let me know. Or if you know someone who would like to meet up, just tell them to contact me via Twitter (Kimmyvon) or FaceBook (Kim von Aspern).   I would be happy to meet up with you/them.

Looking forward to making many new friends and seeing some great friends from times past. (didn't want to say "old friends," not in this profession.)