Saturday, March 24, 2012

Grandma Theaux's Letter - Page Seven

3 she had no furniture
no She gat lots of help they
would call and say what they
had and she told what she
needed he her baby was sleeping on
a chair. Thank God I did it
I did get lots of heart brake
but I would think about the B. V. [Blessed Virgin]
One time this is with the 
deaf. I had made up my mind
that I would get my deaf people
a place to pray and meet.
I can not explain all but
this I will never forget I forgive 
yes but forget no because
to this day I can see my
self in agonie as Jesus.
This lady wo was rich and 
the kind to Boss we gave a 
party I was not much for
that but I gave in, always remember
my husband was not for that and
he will never know my suffering
the dance was on saturday I 
went she had me like her 
little dog. I obed but I [     ]
I'd never again get in that.
Jame. On the sunday morning
agance my husband will, I went
to help clane, [clean] it was freezing
cold she stood there and
put all the blame on
me insulted me right in
the face, Thank God I had the
courage and faith. If no where