Saturday, October 1, 2011

Naming Contest

I was going to run a naming contest for my business name, here's why.

A number of years ago I attended a conference and everyone was handing out their business cards...I didn't have one.

A few years ago I was in my doctors office and a woman noticed my genealogy bag and started up a conversation...when I mentioned that I was actually working as a genealogist she asked for my card...I didn't have one.

Various versions of this scenario happened numerous times until I decided that I needed a business card.

So I checked around to see what names were available. I checked by googling the names I came up with to see if anyone with the name I wanted already had a website and was doing work under that name. I also searched by checking with the APG list.  (Association of Professional Genealogists)

Now this may not have been the most thorough search, but I felt that if someone was doing business under a name (in genealogy) those two places should turn them up.

There are some great names out there...and they all appeared to be taken...until finally...

I found a name that nobody in my search was using and had some business cards printed up.

At that time...(more than 8 years ago) I was oh so stupid about the ways of business. (not that I am all that much smarter now) I did not take out a business license, nor register the name in anyway ...other then to list my name on APG (Association of Professional Genealogists) and have those cards printed up...after all my purpose was only to be able to hand out a card when someone asked me for one.

Earlier this year...I decided to clean up my act...I was going to set up a website, register my business and get my business license. (Now that I am making a little money and will have to file taxes.)

When I went to create my website I discovered that there was already a CG (Certified Genealogist) using "my" business name.

Since he had the website before me, and as he is a CG...I feel I should bow to him...also I have no prior legal claim to the name and as he has established his business using that name....oh well.

But let me ask you this....He is in Minnesota...I'm in California. I could register that name in California. But, website wise he's got the name. So I could not use that name for my website... confusing potential clients all to hell. Furthermore, there is a website (another company) using the almost the exact same name (one letter difference...the difference between plural and singular.)

So now, I'm thinking I need a new business name. Kim von Aspern-Parker - Genealogist....totally forgettable, way too long... and all the other's I can come up with seem to be taken...I was going to put it out there to you my dear readers...I was going to hold a contest...because I have just plain run out of imagination...(as is evidenced by the fact that I named my blog after something that seemingly has nothing to do with genealogy.) I'm coming up blank.

But the contest idea just won't gel. I can't figure out how it would run/work. (Ok, it's obvious it's happened...I'm brain was just a matter of time, really.)

RootsTech is coming up and I need those cards....not to mention a website...and the tax people really like it when a business has a business license...

So I'm just going to ask for help...anybody got any ideas....