Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm so tired I can't blog

I have just arrived home (Sacramento, CA) from the Roots Tech conference in Salt Lake City.  I left Salt Lake at noon and drove for 10 hours.  I wanted to be home for Valentines day.

My husband surprised me with, not one, not two but three bouquets of flowers...I think he missed me.

The dogs too; they will not leave my side.

I need to go away more often...I love the welcome home.

I've been telling you about all the great techie stuff I was learning, but I did manage to squeeze in a few minutes of research at the Family History Library while I was in Salt Lake.  I managed to extend one of my family lines back another generation.  But, as it is midnight that story will have to wait till tomorrow.

On the technology side...I stopped in Reno on my way home to have dinner with my son and he taught me about FourSquare.  So now you can follow me on Twitter, this blog and FourSquare as well as Facebook.    On Twitter I'm Kimmyvon and on Facebook I'm Kim von Aspern.

Tomorrow or the next day I will tell you all about my new this space.

Good Night