Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Love Podcasts

I've been driving for four days.

I started out in Sacramento, California and I'm now in Sulphur, Louisiana. I don't think I would have made it across New Mexico or Texas without Lisa Louise Cooke or The Genealogy Guys.

Before my trip I downloaded several of the Genealogy Gems Podcasts, and several of the Genealogy Guys Podcasts.  I really love both of these shows.  They are very different from each other and I learn a lot from them both.

I started listening to podcasts on a trip to Utah.  I used to listen to lecture tapes.  (For those new to genealogy conferences, they used to sell tape recordings of the lectures, now the lectures are on CD.) I don't tend to listen to the conference CDs on a trip because my CD changer is in the trunk of my car, and I can't change them out very easily on a long trip.  Podcasts to the rescue.

I have a little iPod and I can load about 30 podcasts on it.  That's more than enough to get me across the Salt Flats.  For this longer trip I just downloaded more from iTunes (using my computer) while I stopped for the night in Gallup, New Mexico.  (I can hear my son groaning and making a mental note,"Get mom a new iPod for Christmas.")

The only problems were, that while listening to the podcasts I would get such great ideas and I wanted to remember them; or, Lisa, Drew or George would give me a great tip and I ached to write it down.  Not a great idea when your driving down a freeway at more than 60 miles per hour (I'm not saying how much more than 60mph.)

That's when I had a technology break through.  (See the little light bulb above my head?)
I now cart my little digital voice recorder in my purse and when George, Lisa or Drew hit me with one of their great tips, or a wonderful web site, I pull out my little digital marvel and record it.  Then when I get to wherever I land that night I listen back and note down what I want to keep; or go to the web site they mentioned.  (I know some of you are saying..."well, duh!"  But remember, I'm technologically challenged.")

But, I'm catching up.

I'm catching up on the podcasts too.  (It is amazing how many you can listen to while crossing the desert.)

If you haven't discovered podcasts yet...what are you waiting for?  Consider this your "engraved invitation."  Lisa Louise Cooke produces the Genealogy Gems Podcast (at and Drew Smith and George Morgan produce the Genealogy Guys Podcast
(at  Both shows are also accessible by doing a Google search on their podcast names.  They're FREE.  However, the content is priceless.

I wouldn't go across the desert without them.