Sunday, March 20, 2011

Month Long Field Trip

Well, my trip to the South to visit with family and gather family history is coming to an end. Yes, it's been a month. I left Sacramento on February 24 and should make it home by March 22. I need a vacation.

This trip did net me some great stuff though. I met my Uncle R.L. and his family. What a great bunch of cousins I have. (The only one I did not get to meet was his son Danny...that will have to wait till next trip.) I also met my cousin Peggy for the first time. She is already planning a Landry reunion for the next time I make it South.

My cousins Peggy and Andree are determined to get me to speak French, or at the very least not butcher the pronunciation of the names of our ancestors. Which I find hysterical considering that none of them say the name Theaux right. (The h is silent, the name is pronounced Ta (long a) O, but they insist on pronouncing the h.)

My Aunt Lil Fowler
I also got to spend some quality time with my 90 year old Aunt Lil. She took me to a fashion show and we went out to dinner. Lil is very active. She wore me out. She stays up later then me and gets up earlier.

I discovered that artistic talent runs in our family. Somehow it managed to pass right over me. I can't even draw stick figures. My son, however, has some talent, and now I know where it comes from. My Aunt Lil is quite the artist (her medium is oil paints) and I've already introduced you to my cousin Tim who is a sculpture and an amazing portrait artist (his medium being charcoal.) I like his portraits much more than his sculpture....but shhhh, don't tell him.  
One of Aunt Lil's Paintings

I also found out that there are a few health issues that run through the family. I had never thought to do a family health tree...these things are just not thought about when you're adopted, but now I am re-thinking that.

The main purpose for this trip (in addition to meeting family I had not met before) was to gather stories before they were lost and to try and discover information about my great great grandmother Marguerite Irma Domingue Romero. I am happy to report I was successful in all areas.

I recorded my Uncle and my Aunt telling stories about their childhoods and their parents. And my 2nd great grandmother...what did I uncover about her....well, you'll just have to read the next blog.

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