Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blogger Showcase: Thomas MacEntee

I confess. I have a little bit of hero worship going on. I have a few (less than a dozen) professional genealogists who absolutely rock my world. I happen to think they are wonderful. I aspire to be just like them when I grow up...but with my own twisted style of course.
That is not to take anything away from all the really fine professional genealogists out there....just that these select few have some sort of je ne sais quoi. A star quality least for me.

Today's blogger showcase features one of those (In my book) super stars.
My Hero and who I want to be when I grow up....

Thomas MacEntee
Thomas MacEntee at Southern California Genealogical Jamboree 2011

Thomas has so much energy, is mega smart and has a wicked sense of humor.

He is a fabulous teacher; very patient and skillful in explaining how things in the techie world work. Every lecture I attend where he is the speaker...I take away something new.

He produces amazing webinars and a great radio show.

He has organized Geneabloggers and made it into a "powerhouse" of bloggers. He has inspired so many others to become bloggers and to journal their research.

Check out his blog here and his web site Hi-Definition Genealogy here. Trust me you will learn a lot from Thomas...and enjoy the ride.


  1. I agree - Thomas is a rock star and I love him! He is so kind and goes out of his way to help you when you are in need. And he will make sure to help you rise if that is your goal. He has been so good to me the last year since I started my business. I am very blessed to have him as a friend and mentor. Great post!!

  2. Kim,
    I second that emotion! I'm a proud member of the Thomas Fan Club and I know there are LOTS of others in the club. Among the many amazing things he does is his great support of genealogical societies. Thanks, Thomas, for all you do.

  3. Another proud member of the Thomas Fan Club here. I think many of us genea-bloggers were surprised at how much more our blogs ended up being than what we expected, and Thomas is at the top of the list of people responsible for that.

  4. I think what I really like about Thomas is his willingness to share his talents. He brings up topics and leads discussions that are important to those who do family research both personally and for clients. GeneaBloggers has introduced me to so many wonderful bloggers/friends that I would never have met otherwise, and I will forever be grateful to Thomas for that; not to mention the educational tools I gain from reading the blogs. Great article and great choice!

  5. Don't forget his work as the genealogy ninja on WikiTree! He is such an all-around great guy :)

  6. There ought to be a Thomas fan club badge! --GJ