Thursday, September 8, 2011

Busy Day at FGS

The day started off with a breakfast hosted by 1000 Memories it was a panel discussion of how to bring in younger people to our wonderful world of genealogy. How to involve Scout Troops, classrooms (K through college) and our own children and grandchildren.

Then it was off to the opening session...we learned that every state was represented except two and that we have people here from as far away as Canada, England, India, Israel and Sweden.

This was followed by the grand opening of the vendor hall.....I love shopping.
Books, Books, Books, Societies to join, Information to gorge on. I will have pictures for you next week. (so much for packing light...that's how I forget stuff, and then don't have the cords I need to download my photos.)

After a full day of classes...all of them excellent by the was time for me to man the APG booth. (Association of Professional Genealogists). I discovered to my horror that I had double booked myself...I was also supposed to be in a APG Second Life

Now normally that would not be a problem but there is little to no internet service in the vendor hall. So Gadget Girl came to my rescue again and helped me get hooked up. I was up and running, things looked good...I was going to participate in the meeting while sitting at the APG booth....A virtual reality APG meeting in Second Life (SL) while at the APG booth at FGS...what could be better?  Then.....
Disaster struck. I got the dreaded message on my computer,..."battery running low." I frantically looked around for a electrical such luck...I grabbed up my computer and ran over to the bloggers table and plugged in....ahhhhhhh...all was well....I still have 10 minutes before the meeting is supposed to start....this was going to work.....

Then just about 2 minutes before we were to "go live" my internet connection died and I could not get it back....

I gave up and went back to the APG booth. I was bummed to say the least, but things don't always go as you expect them to or even as you would hope. All you can do is keep foot in front of the other...making progress.

Finished the night up with a wonderful Geneabloggers Get-together. We met at Bennigans for food and drinks, good conversation, laughs and fellowship.

What a wonderful day...and I get to get up and do it (or a similar version of it) all again tomorrow.

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