Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday

During the Southern California Genealogical Society's Genealogical Jamboree (aka Jamboree) Grant and I stayed in our motor home. In Burbank you can park an RV on the street for 3 days for about $5. Wow. But, that wasn't the best part...

There weren't a lot of parking spots near the Jamboree but Grant managed to find one and right down the road from a cemetery.

Now my husband is not into cemeteries but he loves me, and he knows I LOVE CEMETERIES. So he was quite proud of himself for finding this IDEAL parking spot.

However, this cemetery even caught his interest. You see, there was this big stone gazebo. It was carved in an art deco style and was just gorgeous.

So after the Jamboree we had to drive into the cemetery and take a closer look and see what this huge monument was for. Come with me and take a look.

Aviation Memorial

As we got closer.......

We discovered that this was a monument to Aviators, built in 1924.

Just a few of the tombstones found inside the Monument.

This wonderful Monument to early Aviators was located at Valhalla Cemetery in Burbank, California.
It is well worth the visit.

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