Thursday, October 20, 2011

Let It Go Day

Ok, I confess, as you saw from my post about "priceless family heirlooms" I'm a bit of a hoarder. Not like that T.V. program (Horrors NO) but I tend to have a hard time letting go of "stuff."

I'm baring my soul here so, be kind.

I am a dish whore and an information junkie.

I have three sets of china and four sets of stoneware. In my defense I did not buy all of them. I inherited my mother's china, my grandmother's china and my mother-in-laws china. I love each and every one of  them for their sentimental connection. They are all beautiful. None of them is what I would have chosen. But I'm not going to let them go.

My stoneware: I got one set when I married my first husband. They are plain white, classic and go with every kind of table linen (another collection.) So I have to keep them. I can't let them go.

Then there is the dark blue Fiesta Ware. This is the set I got as wedding presents for the second wedding. It's FIESTA it's not going anywhere...and I'd like to add more colors! So I guess they fall into the "not letting go" category.

Then there is the "other" set we got as a wedding present...don't know why the folks who gave it to us did so...we didn't register for it. Why do people do that? It's only four place settings and I could probably let them go...but they are pretty,

Then there is the set that my husband and I saw one day while shopping at Target...just about Christmas time...we both instantly fell in love...they are more modern and sort of Asian looking...he bought them for me as a Christmas present...they are my favorites...I can't let them go.

You see the problem!

I am also an information junkie...I save stories about places I want to visit, things I want to do, people I want to learn more about. I have a ba-zillion how to books. How to organize, how to clean stains, how to prepare your taxes, how to buy a car, how to fix a car, how to make soap, how to get rid of the clutter...perhaps I should read that one again.

And magazines...I them then throw them out...but I remember an article and go back and read it again. For example I am getting ready to do a presentation on Railroad Records. I remembered that I had a "Discovering Family History" magazine that had an article about just that thing...I hunted through my house till I found it, and the information it contains will help me in my preparation.

Or the magazine will have a quilt pattern I just know I'm going to make ...someday. Or a recipe I want to try out...someday.

I also have been advised that I should cut out the article or recipe or pattern and file them..then throw out (recycle) the magazine. Great...who has time to clip articles/recipes/patterns and file...not I. Furthermore, I end up clipping the whole magazine minus two patterns or recipes.  Kind of defeats the purpose. So I guess, for now, I won't be letting go of my magazine habit.

So what am I letting go of?

I'm letting go of the guilt. I'm not like my friend Claire who has no unnecessary clutter in her house and lives like a minimalist monk. I like my stuff. I find my stuff useful (most of the time) and beautiful. I once read that you should only have in your home those things that you find useful (dishes, clothes, furniture...etc.) or those things that speak to your soul. Mine do.

I'm letting go of the feeling that I should "conform" be like "everyone else" (I guess that falls under guilt too.)

I'm letting go of the thought that I should seek help. I know the psychological reasons I hang onto my "stuff" and it would probably take years on a couch to get though that "stuff."  I guess that means I'm keeping that stuff least for now. (so is that in the "letting go of" category or the "keeping" category?)

Ok, so I think I will let go of my glittered and sequined pine cones that I made in the 2nd grade. I can probably part with the books on pregnancy..since I'm of a "mature" age. I figure I can let go of magazines from the last century. Oh, and I suppose I can part with that set of dishes.

Whew, I'm exhausted...that's enough letting go for one day.  



  1. Bravo. Your allowing yourself to enjoy your stuff. Good for you.

  2. I think letting go of two or three things is just fine. We recently got rid of lots of stuff, but had really reached the point where we could let go of these things. Before now, it just wasn't the right time. And I gave each member of our family veto power over each item. Result: I'm happy that we did not give away the things we took back at the last minute, and I'm happy we gave away the things we did. But timing is everything.