Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Letter from Grandma Theaux

I have transcribed the second page of Grandma Theaux's letter.
I find it interesting how I can hear her voice coming through these letters even though I never met her. [the spelling is hers]
I hope you enjoy reading these letters.
Page 2.....

"really silly. I was so stubon [stubborn] about that, of course it made my Dady mad, I thought he was silly, but now I can see that now how a little give in was all that was needed. 
Now come the time I realy fell in love I was 17 I had a verry good girl friend she would visit our house with her brother I had a cousin staying at my house both her perent had died so my mother being her aunt took her to stay with us she was about one year older then me, she and my girl friends brother wer as she would say going out together but all that time the boy was trying his luck with me but love was not my line all I wanted was a good time untill one day she was teasing me, I was to young for her and her boyfriend I could not be with them, I told her if I would want she would lose him, so she told me I would have to shake my go-go, in my shirt tail so that was the end of it.
And that was the end of all my good time for after I realy got in love, that cut me off. because I did not enjoy life any more and my Dad did not want me to have a boy friend, and that...[to be continued]

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