Monday, January 2, 2012

Genealogy Goals for 2012

Ok, I'm joining in on the fun.

Stephanie, over at the "Corn and Cotton" blog has a group of us "gathering together" to cheer each other on and keep the motivation ramped up while we conquer our genealogy goals during the new year.

So the first step is to post our goals. Oh MY!!!!!

It's a scary thought to put it out there in the open for all to see but, gulp, if my friend Shelley Bishop can do it over at "A Sense of Family" blog then so can I. The worst thing that can happen is that I don't meet all my goals, right?

So here goes.

My first goals involve ORGANIZATION:
1. Clean out my e-mail files/folders
I was real good about setting up the folders but I've gotten into the very bad habit of just dumping mail into the folders without looking at it. Not personal notes, mind you, but the stuff I'm on mailing lists for. I started on this today, so already I have accomplished something.
2. Finish organizing and color coding my personal (vs Client) genealogy files.
I am about a quarter of the way through with this, and I hope to have it done by the end of the week.
3. I have some data on a database program that did not gedcom transfer well to my other database programs, so I need to clean that up.
4. Scan (documents, photos, everything) I'm not saying I'm going paperless, but I think I need to heavily reduce.

My next set of goals involve WRITING:
1. I would like to say I will post to my blog 3 times a week, but most weeks just don't work out for that kind of goal so my goal will be to post 6 or more posts per month.
2. I would like to put my journalism degree to work. So with that thought in mind my goal is to write for and be published in my local genealogical society's magazine.

Goal set number three is all about EDUCATION:
1. I plan to attend SLIG, RootsTech, NGS, FGS, Jamboree (S. CA) and hopefully Elizabeth Shown Mills class at Samford (IGHR). This one is easy for me, just time consuming, and costly. I'm an information junkie, and a conference addict.
2. I will finish up my NGS Home Study Course.
3. I will complete at least 5 classes through National Institute of Genealogical Studies (
4. I will attend at least 4 (or more) Webinars in 2012

Then there are my RESEARCH goals:
1. I want to jump into researching my husband's family. His father is 85 (this month) and still sharp. But you know what happens if you don't ask the questions in a timely fashion; so this is the year for the Parker research. For 2012 I will be doing the interviews and artifact gathering.
2. Theaux: this is the family focus for my attempt at my certification (haven't started the clock yet.) I want to devote more time to this, so I am setting the goal of 15 hours (or more) a week toward this family and my certification. (I may adjust to devoting more time here part way through the year as other goals are completed)
3. Technically this isn't research, really it is more in line with analyzing, but I need to develop some "Time Lines." So I will create time lines for the paternal grandparents and maternal grandparents of the Parker line, the Theaux line, and the von Aspern line.
4. I don't know if this goal falls under "writing" or "research" but I've decided to put it here. I plan on getting better at my research reports. I got better during 2011 at keeping my research logs but fell down consistently on writing up my research reports. Maybe if I talk into my digital recorder, talking myself through the analysis and plans for further research and then just transcribe the recording. I've just got to find what works for me. I find writing reports tedious. I'm just not disciplined enough I guess: who would have thunk it.

And lastly my BUSINESS/PROFESSIONAL goals:
This is the BIG category. Last year (2011) I started lecturing and I really enjoy it. I still take on clients too, and I've got a couple of side projects going on. So this year I have quite a bit of work to accomplish towards establishing my business.
1. Name change
2. Website
3. Business License (under new name)
4. Advertising
5. Business Cards
In addition, I have some goals professionally:
6. To develop 15 more lectures
7. To increase the amount of times in the year I am hired (paying gig) to speak/teach. (In 2011 I lectured 10 times; I got paid 3 times)
8. Continue working with my clients (currently have 4 clients) don't really want to increase that number for now, there are just too many other things in the works.

Well, I think that is about it for my genealogy goals. I'm sure I've forgotten something, and I have many more goals for 2012 but those are my personal goals and are not for publication.


  1. These are fabulous goals! So exciting! I am getting a thrill out of seeing everyone post their goals. I finally got my post up (late) this morning. Link up if you'd like! Can't wait to see you rock 2012!

  2. Good Luck with your goals! Working on my list as well.
    I'm with you on the blogging goals. I'd like to blog 3x a week too but will settle for 2x a week. I figure that practice will help me improve writing skills and who knows where that may take me!

  3. A great plan of attack Kim! Alot on your plate, but do-able if you put your mind to it!

  4. Thanks, Stephanie, Cindy and Sheri
    @Stephanie, I read your goals and they are what inspired me on some of mine...except for your blogging goal, I just can't match that.
    @Cindy, Can't wait to see your list. I agree that blogging can improve your writing skills. (shhhh, I have my husband edit me sometimes.)
    @Sheri, Boy you're not kidding A Lot on my plate, when you mix in my "other" life too. We'll see how it goes, the mind is strong but the body might give out on me.
    Again Thanks guys.

  5. My goodness you're going to be busy! But I know you can do it all. You're a powerhouse. I wish you the best in 2012!

  6. Thank you, Amy. You are one of my inspirations. Your friendship and encouragement has been one of the things that makes me want to "do better." I know I have taken on a lot, but most of those things were just continuing what I put in play last year, so I think it's doable. I might not have "a life" though.

  7. Kim, these are awesome goals, and I know you're going to have a great year. And you've already gotten started! I need to do more timelines and reports too. And as for the business goals, just take it a step at a time. I guess I look at goals as something to reach for and focus on, to keep me moving in the right direction.

    I'm not able to go to SLIG this year so I'll miss seeing you there. Am sure you'll have a good time. Hopefully we can meet up at NGS. Thanks for the mention--I'm happy to have you for a friend!

  8. Kim, sounds like you are going to have a busy, busy year. Good luck to you in 2012 with all of your goals.