Monday, January 30, 2012

Military Monday: Grand Dad Parker

Born at home in Meigs County, Ohio in 1905, George Vincent Parker was a slight man with a quiet personality. George exchanged vows with Ethel Heidenreich in 1925 and they remained married till Ethel's death in 1995. Eighteen years after their wedding, George took up arms against the Germans while stationed in France during World War II, he was 38 years old. It must have been a personal conflict for him; fighting against Germany while married to a woman of German heritage.
During the war years, Ethel and her son, Bill, struggled to make ends meet at home in Ohio. Bill was in high school and worked and night to help support the family. Then in January of 1945 Bill was drafted and sent to Germany.
Both men made it home alive and well. 


  1. Nice pictures, Kim. I had ancestors in Meigs County, too, a little earlier I believe. Let me know if you need lookups-my local library has lots of books on Meigs County.

  2. Fantastic photos! I love hearing about Ohio military men.