Friday, February 24, 2012

Genealogy Books in my Personal Library

What would you grab if there was a fire? I would grab my photos and my computer. I'd also make sure that my animals were safe. But if I had a few hours to prepare for a disaster I would pick out some of my, probably not replaceable, books that I use for genealogy.

I am a book addict. I probably have more than 300 cookbooks alone. Then there are the mystery novels, how to books, craft books and the genealogy books. Most of them can be replaced if need be. But I have a few genealogy books that I don't think I could get again. They have long ago gone out of print. Books like, The Gerron Family Descendants of Solomon Geron. Or, Marriage Records from 1810 to 1910 in Meigs Co., Ohio. 

They aren't the books I turn to over and over but they probably can no longer be found.

It would be tempting to reach for The RedBook and The Source. Two books that should be in every genealogist's library. But I know I can still get a hard back copy of them and RedBook (if not both) is available digitally.

What books would you grab and which books would you be tempted to grab?

What's in your library?

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